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The Here and Now of Mobile Commerce

Those who say “mobile is the future” clearly haven’t stopped to look around lately. Mobile is the epitome of present-day culture, and while it’s only going to continue to grow, the foundation has been laid. Think back just a few short years ago when BlackBerry ruled the roost; today they struggle to remain relevant. The way we search, “socialize,” and now shop have all been impacted enormously by our ability to be mobile.

Online marketing and technology company Monetate, which analyzed more than 100 million online shopping experiences, reported that tablet traffic to commerce sites grew by 348 percent from the year prior while smartphone visits increased by only 117 percent (no small growth either). Tablets seem to make the ideal online shopping device. Their larger screen size combined with their mobility allow you to easily thumb through your favorite stores, search for real estate or order groceries while sitting outside or on your couch where you can be more comfortable than sitting at your desk with your desktop.

Tablets, however, can’t take all the credit. The same week Monetate released their findings, Fandango, a popular website for moviegoers—which also provides apps for virtually every device—reported that mobile ticket sales have increased 107 percent year over year. This leads me to believe that, in large part, mobile commerce will be driven by the product. Movie tickets are a perfect example; many consumers who are already out and about for the night are utilizing their smartphone device to conveniently purchase tickets. It’s the immediacy which makes the smartphone, as opposed to the tablet, the driver for movie tickets. On the flip side, it’s the leisure and quality of the experience that makes the tablet the ideal device for shopping for clothes, for example.

Conveniently, the process of shopping for real estate is ideal for a combination approach. Yes, the majority of homebuyers start their search online, but now they are doing it from the comfort of the couch on their tablet device. They have become accustomed to the native features that their tablet provides, such as swiping imagery, touch screen navigation and mapping. Once they are ready to take the next step and actually go out and visit a potential neighborhood, they will turn to their smartphone device to see properties nearby, get photos, details and directions.

The home-buying process is an inherently mobile process and just because consumers are not purchasing their homes through the Web doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat the experience as anything other than a commerce experience, more so a mobile-commerce experience. RE

To test the mobile viability of your real estate commerce website, go to www.testmysitenow.com.

Author: Seth Kaplan is president of Mobile Real Estate. For more information, visit www.mobilerealestateid.com


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GET BRRRRRRRR – READYgoogle map to real pro systems FOR THE 20TH POLAR PLUNGE!!!!

Virginian-Pilot correspondent
© January 30, 2012

By Devorah Ben-David

When people say they’re “going for a dip” in the wintertime, it’s generally into a hot tub. But not when freezing February comes around and “polar bears” begin to gather at the Oceanfront.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Polar Plunge Winter Festival to benefit Special Olympics Virginia. According to Wendie Whitaker, captain and founder of the Raven Cocktail Coolers, even kids (10 and under) will be out filling a 25-inch deep kiddie pool with ice cubes and rubber ducks to show their support for this very cool cause.

The Raven Cocktail Coolers got its name when Whitaker made a bet at the Raven Restaurant using a cocktail napkin. If she could find the funding, her friends agreed to walk down the Boardwalk – and into the Atlantic Ocean – on Polar Plunge Day.

The Ravens raised $800 in 2001. As of last week, they had generated $4,400 in donations, Whitaker said.

Special Olympics Virginia is a year-round program of sports training and athletic competitions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

“Everyone on my team works hard to bring awareness to others in this mission to open hearts and change minds about people with intellectual disabilities,” Whitaker said.

Raven Cocktail Cooler member Carl Warren, who is a professional chef and avid scuba diver, has his own team of five, fun-loving friends waiting to hand him warm towels and clothes back on shore.

Warren’s friend Debbie Joseph, a former Raven employee, drives from Annapolis to be part of his towel crew – “but the hardest part is standing on the cold sand, waiting to actually jump in,” Warren said.

Polar Plunge Day has become such an institution that loyal Raven Cocktail Cooler Jeff Seiler, who moved to Iceland in 2010, plans to simultaneously make his bone-chilling plunge in the bay at the local beach by Reykjavik Airport.

Ricky and Bobby Dunnington, who own the Raven Restaurant and sponsor the Raven Cocktail Coolers, talked Seiler into taking his first Polar plunge, he said.

“What touches my heart is that you’re doing something fun and easy to do, while bringing hope, fun and so much more to those who truly deserve it,” Seiler said.

At last check, there were 427 teams who had signed up to take the plunge – 2,054 individuals. Another 410 runners have registered for the Plunge’s 5K. More than 3,200 people are expected to participate in the event, Whitaker said.

The Polar Plunge event is considered a time-honored tradition at the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office. Their team, the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office Plungers, received $2,500 from Sheriff Stolle’s Community Fund and $2,500 from Pungo’s Strawberry Festival Community Fund, according to Captain Linda Richie of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office.

Sean Jimenez said being a Raven team member is one way to celebrate his love of living in Virginia Beach.

“This important event gives us all a chance to give back to others, who deserve a good life too,” Jimenez said.

Devorah Ben-David, DBDRIC@aol.com